Doll Killer Limited Edition Lost VHS

An important message from Rod Lanham of VHS Is Dead, West Virginia:


There’s this warehouse I’ve been going to for the last year or so, where I buy new old stock VHS tapes to mostly use as blanks. I occasionally find other titles that I can actually sell on their own – things like Troll, Ghoulies, El Topo, etc. Although much of it is later releases from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Sometimes I do come across old weird titles like Black Gestapo, and other oddball “grey” releases like Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, and the aforementioned El Topo.

So, a few weeks ago when I was digging around the warehouse, I found a dusty old box at the bottom of a stack of dusty old boxes. In that box, I found a title that I wasn’t familiar with, although that’s not that uncommon. I threw the single case of tapes in with the rest of my load to buy, and decided I needed to check it out later. I finally got around to investigating it, and seeing what information I could find about it online. There wasn’t much.


I did find out that the film is an SOV filmed in 1987, and that it has essentially been lost since then. I’m not entirely clear on what happened during filming, and the attempts to get it into distribution. It appears that possibly screener or solicitation tapes may have been sent out at some point, and maybe this is some bootleg of one of those. I’ve never heard of the label, ‘Video Programs Unlimited’, and can’t find anything on it anywhere online.

The film is called DOLL KILLER, and I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a watch yet, but it looks interesting. Something about a serial killer and a doll he was entrusted with since he was a child…


I also found out that recently the master found it’s way into the hands of RETROSPLOITATION, and they will have a DVD available in the near future. They know of this stash that I located, and I will be working with them during the sales process.