Terror at Black Tree Forest

In the summer of 1970, a young mother is brutally attacked and killed in front of her own son within the wilderness of Black Tree Forest. Twenty years later a group of college friends head off to the same woods for some hiking and camping. However, Brian Mellows, the child left scarred twenty years ago has recently escaped Vestron Hospital. And where do you think he is headed? The young campers out for a fun-filled weekend end up in the fight for their lives as they encounter the pillow case-masked maniac who stalks the land in search of innocent victims. They play a terrifying game of cat and mouse as a cycle of violence perpetuates.

Homegrown horror from the director of GLOVED MURDERESS and DIE SISTER, DIE. Experience TERROR AT BLACK TREE FOREST – where the grass is stained blood-red.

2010. Directed by Dustin Ferguson. Produced by John Klyza. Stars Allison Scott, Theophilus Clark, Christina Marie Leonard.



DVD Features:
Theatrical Premiere Video
Production Still Gallery
Black Tree Forest Saga Trailers

Region: NTSC All Regions
Serial #: RS007
Run Time: 63 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (Matted)