Slumber Party Slasherthon

The girls of Lincoln High are planning a party… a slumber party! Pillow fights, pizza and horror movies. What started as the best night of the year slowly becomes their worst nightmare as a real-life maniac crashes the marathon and decides to make a few victims of his own. Could this really be happening, or is it all just a bad dream? Follow the path of the twisting drill-bit…

A killer compilation of clips from an eclectic group of independent slasher films: 7 DOWN, TERROR AT BLACK TREE FOREST, ESCAPE TO BLACK TREE FOREST and THE DRILLER KILLER. All weaved together with a wrap-around story that spoofs early 80s driller thrillers.

2012. Directed by Dustin Ferguson. Stars Tara Hinkley, Jettie Sorensen-Sticka, Nina Colgan, Kim Moser, Breana Mitchell, Rob Nelson.



DVD Features: 
Original Trailer
Vintage Director Interview
Music Video

Region: NTSC All Regions
Serial #: RS014
Run Time: 55 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1