Invitation To Die

After some eerie advice from an old fortune telling machine, a young woman receives an invitation to her high school reunion. However, she arrives to find a desolate building and a masked maniac lurking in the shadows. What secrets do the building, the killer, and the woman hold? RSVP your INVITATION TO DIE!

Hosted by the deliciously diabolical Grindhouse Ghoulia. From the cast & crew that brought you DOLL KILLER comes a new tale of tricks and treats.

2014. Directed by Dustin Ferguson. Stars Breana Mitchell, Kia Beason, Tana Elizabeth.




DVD Features:
Invitation to Die Trailer
Retrosploitation Trailer Reel

Region: NTSC All Regions
Serial #: RS012
Run Time: 60 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1