New Wave Independent Pictures is a Canberra, Australia-based media development, production and sales company focusing on genre films with a retro bent. Since 2012, we have produced several titles and distributed over 20 features through our niche-targeted releasing label, Retrosploitation.

Initially founded as the production unit of John Klyza, Dustin Ferguson & John Altyn, the New Wave name now encompasses an expanding range of services:


  • SCRIPTWRITING – New Wave actively develops screenplays both internally and solo written, or with other writers – some for internal production, others to present as packages for other teams to produce or distribute.
  • VISUALIZATION – Whether it’s pre-sales poster artwork or conceptual designs, we can have the look and feel of a project nailed down from day one.


  • PRODUCING SERVICES – We’ve supervised in-house productions (such as CHEERLEADER CAMP, SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT 2) as well as content for third-party distributed products such as Shout Factory’s SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 & 3 blu-rays. The directing, crew work etc. has been carried out by independent artists interested in co-operative working relationships with us. Future projects will match specific material to the right teams as we continue building our body of work.


  • RESTORATION – Our very first project was a restoration project co-ordinating the work of a handful of editors and subsequent releases of specifically retro product (1970s, early 80s) have received remastering, color calibration and sound sweetening. We are currently preparing to focus on this area in 2016 as a preservation measure for old, lost films.
  • DVD PROGRAMMING – Unless it plays straight like a video tape, most commercial DVD releases employ menu screens and animations that utilize artwork and remote control friendly commands to navigate the disc’s contents – feature, chapter selection and special features.
  • POSTER & COVER ARTWORK – Whether utilizing pre-existing artwork or creating brand new ones, colorful eye-popping visuals that makes the film stand out
  • MARKETING – Upon completion and prior to release is the right time to begin spreading the word. Marketing is more than posting on Facebook – its liaising with media and tailoring coverage to their and your needs. Our marketing is based on milestone points – acquisitionsofficial cover art,


  • VOD – New release titles are delivered directly to customers digitally via the Amazon Instant Video service or IndieReign, the platform for independent digital releases.
  • DVD – Our secondary format is DVD through Amazon Movies & TV, using the same professional manufacture-on-demand service as the Warner Archive.
  • VHS – Video is the new vinyl. Select titles are made available in Collectors Edition limited releases.

Got something for us? We actively seek out unreleased or out-of-print titles to license for distribution. Contact us for more information.